Cazh Manufactures Custom High-quality T-shirts

There are plenty of t-shirt manufacturers in the Philippines, and our company is one of them. We specialize in the mass manufacturing of high-quality shirts for fashion companies and several businesses from various industries, either for their uniforms or corporate gifts worldwide.

We do not produce inferior quality t-shirts.
We do not compete with suppliers who sell cheap shirts. If your team value quality over a low price, we are the perfect supplier for you. The cost of the products we supply will have a low price; however, your team should be purchasing more than our minimum order quantity. The bigger the volume of your purchase, the lower the cost.

What is the smallest quantity we accept to open a job order for custom t-shirts?
The smallest order quantity that we accept is 500 pieces per type of fabric, the material's color, and design. Different sizing is alright as long as the order is at least 500 pieces of garments.

You may ask, "Why the MOQ?"

The answer is: Because we knit our fabric. And the purpose of us offering t-shirts manufacturing services is to sell the material that our facility produces. To add, the smallest order quantity that the Dye House accepts to color is at least 125 kilos of fabric or five rolls of fabric. One hundred twenty-five kilos of material is already enough to produce around 500 pieces of shirts.

How long does it take to produce t-shirts from scratch?
Two to four months. Allot two to four months for product development, sampling, knitting, color matching, cutting, imprinting or embroidery, sewing, labeling, packaging, quality control, and etcetera. T-shirt production does not just happen like magic. High-quality products require ample time to produce. We highly recommend having patience and extreme attention to detail during this time.

We have featured here some of the styles you may want your clothing to have. Get in touch with us to get an accurate price quotation based on your specifications. We will appreciate it if your team will send us all of the details—the more specific, the better.

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