Alert Under Priced Banner Pens that you can customize!

Congratulations! If you found yourself here, it means you have been looking for a banner pen supplier, and now you have found one. Fantastic! We're so happy to have you. And to send more love to you, we're giving you FREE CMYK PRINTING on both sides of the banner paper for the pens when you order.

We guarantee the quality of the banner pens. Our team is Cazh, and we are here to help you customize various products for events, campaigns, merchandising, and corporate gifts. Our sales team is in the Philippines while working with multiple partner factories in the Philippines, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Have the peace of mind that when you order products from Cazh, we will make sure you will get the very output you want.


How to customize Banner pens?

We have already made the personalization of the products very easy, especially for first-timers. All you have to do is click here so that you may be lead to our Banner Pens collection. Select the item you want to customize, and make sure not to forget to upload the editable Adobe Illustrator file of your layout and the Pantone colors for the banners before checking out.

We will need you to send the editable Adobe Illustrator file of your design to ensure the outcome will not be pixellated. Pantone colors are required to make sure the colors you have in mind will show on the output. Not everyone knows this, but the color we see vary on the type of screen you are using. There are also situations where even though we placed the CMYK or RGB numbers, the printer will still print a different color. When this happens, we manually guess by trial and error, print and re-print, which CMYK digits will match your desired Pantone color. The trial and error process may take hours, days to get the perfect match. It isn't that easy as the traditional way of printing at home or office.

Then again, you need not trouble yourself with that. We are here to help you save time and trouble. As soon as you send us all the details we need, we will take care of the production side.


And that's all for now!

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