We offer the option to have fabric knitted in our workshop in Manila. And once completed, the client may have the finished goods picked up from our factory or have them delivered either within the Philippines or anywhere in the world. We neither stock fabric nor have a physical store where we sell the product needed. If you want to see a sample of the products, you may visit us in our office or request and purchase samples that we can arrange to send to your location through a paid courier.


Philippine-made fabric

We may be a Fabric Supplier in Manila, but we only have selected types of fabric that we supply. We specialize in knitted materials that are cotton-based. We neither supply nor produce leather, PU leather, and non-knitted fabric. Click this, to see the list that features the product we manufacture and supply for a minimum order quantity of 125 kilograms per material type and color.

Fabric knitted prices
We recommend sending us an e-mail about your cotton fabric requirement to get an accurate price quotation. Get an idea of the cost of fabric per kilogram when you go to our fabric selection at the menu bar. The prices are good for white color only and may change without prior notice. Additional charge applies from the rate per kilogram when you choose to have either Solid Direct or Solid Reactive type of dyeing

When to Expect Fabric completion
Expect not to receive the finished fabric right away, within a day or two, or even after a week, especially if you are a first-time customer. What we offer is the service of producing, knitting fabric. The process of creating high-quality products needs time. For first time customers, it is safe to say the products may be available after a month or two from the day of the order under the circumstance that the work contract is not during our industry's peak season. We will, of course, let you know ahead of time our estimated time of completion. For repeat customers, if the job order needs the exact technical specifications as the previous orders, the products are usually completed within one or two weeks, if not during our peak season. We will also inform repeat customers of the estimated time of completion.


Fabric Production Process

  1. Thread installation on Knitting machines
  2. Knitting of textile
  3. Quality color of the textile that was just made
  4. Color matching
  5. Fabric dyeing
  6. Curing or washing
  7. Quality control of dyed fabric
  8. Packaging

Estimate fabric consumption
2.2 kilos - 2.6 kilos for 1 dozen (12 pieces) of shirts on Asian size


Production Capacity

  1. We have 30 knitting machines that works 24/7
  2. We can supply a total of 150 tonnes or 150,000 kilos of fabric per month
  3. 150 tonnes of fabric may already be good to produce approximately 600,000 pieces of Large shirts of Asian size
  4. Colour matching usually takes 3 to 10 working days
  5. Production time usually last for 10 to 14 working days depending on the amount of workload at the factory