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High quality Philippine made umbrellas by reputable Philippine Umbrella Manufacturer

You have found this page because you are most likely searching for the best umbrellas manufacturer. And although we cannot say anything about the quality produced by other companies, we certainly can tell about ours. Our umbrellas are made in the Manila, Philippines. Some of the parts that we use for our products are imported. But every product we feature here on this page are all carefully assembled in the Philippines.

We do not stock products. Everything that we offer is made to order. Cazh is a B2B or Business to Business type of company. Our clientele are businesses who would either like to sell products or have it made for their company’s corporate gifts. If you are in the business of selling umbrellas or you simply would like to have some made for your company, we recommend that we do business together. We are here to help businesses grow. We also offer counselling on product development.

Philippine made Umbrellas

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