Stationeries Supplier Philippines

The stationery products featured here are made to order. Meaning, we still have to produce whatever you saw and liked after you placed an order. Some of the products featured here are uniquely designed by our partners and are duly patented both in China and Europe. If you like what we offer you may place an order for custom products on this website or by contacting us.

We only make affordable high quality Stationeries
Your gifts to clients represents your corporate brand image. The gifting part of the business is no joke field. And thus, we do not do cheap. We only do quality. Products that will last for a long time making our clients have the best value for their money. Now if that is what you and your team prioritize as well then we are the company for you.

MOQ for Custom Stationeries Service

If are reading this then you have most likely already seen on the photos above the round ribbon with an MOQ written on it. The MOQ means Minimum Order Quantity or the smallest quantity of product that we accept to custom mass produce in our facilities. Our company mass manufactures so that we may give clients competitive rates for high quality products and workmanship.

How long will it take for my order to be completed?

All good things takes time. If you want quality, give us time to produce the products properly. That being said the length of time for producing custom stationery products depends on what exactly will you be ordering, the quantity of your requirement, the complexity of your design, and the current workload in our facilities. When you click a product we usually place there the sampling and production time information .

Why choose Cazh’s service over other companies?

The Cazh team can’t and will not speak for other companies products, services, and quality of work. We can only say for sure what we have to offer and what all our happy clients say. Our clients choose us because we are easy to work with and we make sure they don’t lose their highly regarded reputation over the products they gift. We make sure our clients get the best value for their money.