Products Customization Counseling

We give quality advises on the best way to manufacture a certain product for your company’s corporate gifts. Our company’s founders are a group of friends who grew up in the mass manufacturing industry producing wide variety of products. We have the factories, we run the factories, we manufacture the quality customizable products for you.

Corporate Gifts Philippines Guaranteed Quality on our Products and Services

Textile Knitting in the Philipppines

One of Cazh’s founders runs one of the oldest textile knitting factories in the Philippines specializing in producing high quality fabric for polo shirts and t-shirts. With over 30 knitting machines that works 24/7 in the Tondo, Manila City factory alone, we can supply over 150 tonnes of fabric each month. Products are commonly sold in the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Europe. We’re open to collaborating with your company. And be both your leadership team’s advisor in product development and mass manufacturing partner.

Knitting Factory Philippines Textile Factory Philippines Cazh

Embroidery Services

We have one of the world’s best embroidery facilities. Our embroidery factory’s based in the Philippines. With our computerized embroidery machines and English speaking workers who has been working with us for over a decade we’re surely get your instructions and be able to produce the best quality of products that you need for your brand. Check our portfolio to see some of our work samples.

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USB Flash drive customization

We have USB mass manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. Enabling us to produce high quality USB flash drives faster, gives 1 to 2 years warranty, and control the quality of the products. We’ve been constantly having a number of happy customers so far. Philippine clients get the most affordable prices for custom USB inclusive of local taxes and shipping. If your company is located outside of the Philippines, we will give you Exworks Shenzhen, China rate. Get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to give you counseling on product development and assist you in mass production.

USB Supplier Philippines

Corporate Gifts Supplier

Philippines and China Manufacturers turned into Corporate Gifts Suppliers. Our founders decided to venture into the corporate giveaways or custom promotional items industry with the goal of keeping and creating more jobs. Opening our expertise to people and corporate businesses would also mean that we will be getting first hand information from our customers making it easier for us to produce the right products and further ensuring our production facilities constantly get more work done.

Corporate Gifts Supplier Philippines Custom Corporate Giveaways Corporate Gifts Manufacturer Philippines

Customize Speakers

Wide variety of customizable speakers to choose from. Need bluetooth speakers? How about interactive speakers, something your clients could play around at the office and help ease stress? We can place your logo or brand name on our products a minimum order quantity. View our selection of customizable speakers when you click the button below or by simply visiting The Shop.

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Stationeries Suppliers, Manufacturers

Need personalized pens, pencils, notebooks, notepads, calendars, highlighters, and everything else that’s needed for school and office work? We have the facilities to produce everything that you need. We even have interactive stationeries, something new to keep work stress free and help make the mind work better for a much productive day. Click the button below or visit The Shop to view all of our customizable, never boring products for corporate gifts and businesses.

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Clothing Manufacturer, Garments Philippines

Looking for a Jackets Manufacturer from the Philippines? How about a T-shirts, Polo shirts, bags, and hats manufacturers? Our specialty are polo shirts and t-shirts and we export in the United Kingdom, Europe, and in several parts of the American continent. But we can also produce other garments. Just let us know your requirement’s technical specifications. Be specific on what you want. And we will make sure everything you expect will be met even before mass production.

Philippine Clothing Manufacturer

Custom Packaging Supplier

Paper bags, containers, boxes, USB packaging, cartons, and modules. We have facilities to customize and mass produce packaging for your products. Send to us your requirements technical specifications so that we may do accurate costing and give you factory price on packaging. Click the clink below to collaborate

Custom Packaging Supplier Philippines Packaging Solutions Philippines Custom Box