Best Custom Screen Cleaners

If you are one of us who loves tech accessories, then you will love the products we’re recommend to you on this web post. We are going to be rating here our most loved screen cleaners for gadgets. These products are ideal for cleaning phones, tablets, and even computers

1. BND868 Droppi Screen cleaner

This product is a 2-in-1 Keychain and screen cleaner. We love this item because it is perfect for corporate branding. Your company’s end users may hang this item on their bags or luggages. Making more people see your brand. It is also been made with high quality materials and workmanship. BND868 Droppi Screen cleaner is designed to last for a long time. Making your team get your money’s worth

Screen cleaner corporate gifts promotional item

2. BND865 Cardi screen cleaner and 4-in-1 stylus

What makes Cardi special is that it is not only a screen cleaner but also a stylus. Also, it does not just have one type of stylus, it has 4 types of stylus that will definitely help you, your team, and your end-users productivity. Be remembered for whenever your clients are working just be gifting them this small but wonderful item.

This amazing product will surely going to be a favourite amongst your professional clients.

Stylus Screen cleaner in one Corporate Gift Cardi BND865

3. BND866 Blocki screen cleaner

This product is our most affordable customizable screen cleaner to date. This tiny one is simple but elegant, the quality that our BND866 Blocki screen cleaner boasts. If your company’s image prides in simplicity and reliability this product is for you

Corporate Gift Screen cleaner tiny promotional item

You may purchase the screen cleaners here

The prices already include Free 1 colour print on 1 position.
Just upload your logo or artwork before checking out. Our Cazh team will take care of the mass production

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