FAZUP Anti-Radiation Sticker Patch 2 stickers in 1 box package

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FAZUP Anti-Radiation Sticker Patch 2 stickers in 1 box package
2 stickers in 1 box
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This is the ONLY anti-radiation sticker that works!

Fazup eliminates or reduces feelings of discomfort:
85% of satisfied users
Reliable and very effective, Fazup is a revolutionary product resulting from 10 years of intensive research. Globally patented, this new technology created in France produces outstanding results. Its performances have been tested and validated by EMITECH, a French laboratory certified by COFRAC for the measurement of SAR. In order to ensure the optimal performance as certified in laboratory conditions, Fazup must be placed in a specific location at the back of your mobile, in accordance with an exclusive placement system which is specific to each compatible mobile phone.

What is the SAR?

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of your mobile phone is the internationally recognised measure of your maximum exposure to electromagnetic radiation.This measure indicates the amount of energy that your body and your head absorb when using your handset. The European standard imposes a SAR level that is inferior to 2 Watts per Kilogram (W/Kg). You can therefore choose your mobile phone based on the level of SAR of that particular model.
The lower the SAR, the lower your level of exposure to radiation.

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