Custom Plastic Pens

Scroll down to see your options on unique plastic pens for corporate gifts. Most of the plastic pens featured here are of patented design in both China and Europe. Most of the products are made to order. Thus, we would still need to produce the products after you place an order

Plastic Pens MOQ

MOQ means Minimum Order Quantity or the smallest quantity that manufacturers accept for Job Order. The MOQ exists because the machines can produce at least that much quantity all at the same time. And also ensures that plastic pens manufacturers may be able to give the competitive rates to clients. The lower the production cost the higher profit margin. The lower the production cost the more affordable it is to clients who wants the best value for money

Why choose Plastic Pens for Corporate Gifts?

Plastic pens much affordable and is one of the most useful tools for school and work. Your company’s clients writes. Having your company brand on a reliable product that people use everyday adds value to your already valuable corporate brand identity

Why is Gift Giving in the Corporate World Important?

As much as giving gifts feels good in the business world, corporate giveaways or corporate gifts is great way to show people and clients you and your company care. And that your team would like to be there with them in every step of the way. Good quality corporate gifts reminds clients of your company’s image and reliability.