Plastic Pen Manufacturer in the Philippines

The Best Plastic Pens for all Industries are Available in Cazh
Talk to any of us, and you’re dealing directly with Plastic pen manufacturer based in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and China. Our ballpoint pens have unique design and are all of high quality.

For a minimum order of at least 5,000 pieces (unless otherwise stated) we can place your company’s logo on any of our pen products and even customize the color and finishing. And with regard to the logo placement, we only give the highest quality of outcome with logo execution options raging from Silk screen, Pad print, Mirror laser, normal laser, and epoxy dome pending on your desired specifications.

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Our Plastic Pens Selection

Featured below are our pens selection with estimate prices. Click the red button below the product you’re interested in to learn more. The prices are merely estimates for pens with standard solid finishing and color for your quick reference. We still need the full details from you on how would you like your pen to look like, before we could give you an accurate price quotation.

Refill types

Our standard refill type is either the Black ink Chinese tip 1mm, Parker type or the Blue ink Chinese tip 1mm, Parker type.

The other refill types that we offer, but with extra charges are the following:

1. German black ink Chinese tip 1mm, Parker type
2. German blue ink Chinese tip 1mm, Parker type
3. German black ink Swiss tip 1mm, Parker type
4. German blue ink Swiss tip 1mm, Parker type
5. Gel ink in black
6. Gel ink in blue

Plastic pen Packaging

Our pens standard packaging of which, is 100% free is the Poly bag or OPP or plastic cover. We recommend opting for this type of packaging as it is lighter and would save your company from extra cost. Otherwise, should you really want a packaging to make your gift extra special, we have these items amazing items to choose from.

Plastic Ballpoint pens Packaging Corporate Giveaways Philippines

Why are Promotional Pens Good for your Business?

The prime reason is merely Brand Retention. Brand retention, corporate branding, promotion, however we all want to put it, we all want our brand, our company to be remembered. And hey, everybody use pens.

Despite the digital age we are now all in everybody still uses pen and paper to remember something. Or to simply express what’s in our minds.

Make your brand be there for your clients whenever, wherever.

Place your brand on a pen, and your client will bring your brand to the conference rooms for all their colleagues and other clients to see.

Your client may also carry your company’s name not just in their bags but also in their houses, their rooms, their meetings. And of course, the higher the level of brand recall, the higher the possibility of another sale.

Make sure, your pens are of high quality and reliable.
What you give as gift, reflects your company.
Order high quality pens for a very affordable price only with Cazh, one of Asia’s most esteemed plastic pens supplier.

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