Custom Pens

Featured here are the pens selection that we can customize for your company. Most of the pens featured here are patented designs in both China and Europe. If you would like to place a logo or two on any of the products we have you may purchase our customization service on this website or by contacting us through phone and e-mail.

Customizable Pens

You were searching for Custom Ball point pens Manufacturer Philippines and that is why you found us. Our pens are customizable in so many ways pending on the product. Some can be custom made per parts and some can be customized only through printing. All you have to do is to choose which product would you like to represent your company to your clients and then let us know who you would like to have it done. Our team will take care of the mass production

Pens customizable parts

The photo below is an example of a pen that we can custom made for you. The numbered parts may either be printed or its colour changed.

How long will my order be completed?

We highly recommend allotting 2 to 4 months for this project. The sampling time for a fully custom made product may take us 2 to 4 weeks depending on the factory workload. Whilst the production time will take us a month or 2 plus shipping to your location. In the event that the customer only would like the product printed the production time is much faster