Custom Notebooks

The notebooks featured here are made to order products. Meaning when you purchase you would need to give us enough time for sampling and mass manufacturing. Despite the wait however, you will at least be happy to have products that will truly represent what your company stands for. Let only the most beautiful high quality products remind your clients with your company’s valued corporate brand identity.

Notebook’s Customizable Parts

When we say customized notebooks we mean you may personalize everything. Just send to us the design of your requirement and we will take care of the mass production
Customizable notebook parts Custom Notebook Custom Leather Notebook Manufacturer

How long will it take for your order to be finished?

Notebooks sampling and production time usually takes a total of 1 to 2 months. The sampling time usually takes up to 7 to 20 working days. Whilst the mass production usually takes 30 to 70 working days depending on the workload at our facilities. We recommend ordering products for corporate giveaways ahead of time and off peak season to get the best rates.

MOQ for Custom Notebooks

MOQ means Minimum Order Quantity or the smallest number of products that we accept to mass produce in our facilities. We accept large volume so that we may be able to give the most competitive rates to our clients. The bigger the quantity of your order the lower the price.