Custom Metal USB

Scroll down this page to see all of your options for Metal USB Flash drives. We can place your company’s logo or brand name on any of the products here. Just click on any of the item that you like to order or get in touch with us to collaborate. In the event that you can’t find what you are looking for in our selection just let us know so that we may help you with product development

Metal USB Supplier Philippines

You searched for Metal USB Supplier Philippines and Metal USB Supplier Manila, Philippines and that is why you found Cazh. Our difference compare to the order local supplier of flash drives in the Philippines is that we have control on manufacturing facilities for USB. The imprinting that we do are superb. And we also offer 1 year warranty on our flash drives with hassle free repair and replacement.


MOQ means Minimum Order Quantity or the smallest number of products that we accept to open a Job order. The MOQ is non-negotiable as it exist because our facilities can produce that many all at the same time. The minimum order quantity also exist so that we may give our clients the most competitive rates that will enable them to either have higher profit margin or have the most affordable priced item for corporate giveaways

How soon will my Metal USB order be completed?

If your team is ordering around 100 pieces of our regular Metal USB Models the usual sampling time is 7 to 14 days whilst the usual production time is 14 to 21 working days. The said time frame would still be depending on the factory workload and if the job order falls on a holiday. The Chinese New Year is our longest non-working holiday. During the Chinese New Year work usually stops on the 25th of January until the end of February.