Garments Supplier Philippines

Our garments services limited to the products we offer on this web page. Cazh’s specialty is the mass manufacturing of Polo shirts and T-shirts as one of the founders of our company has a family business producing and exporting textile or fabric ideal for polo shirts and t-shirts and factories for sewing polo shirts and t-shirts as well. Our embroidery facility is in house. Whilst the mass manufacturing of bags, caps, and other garments usually sub-contracted. Nevertheless, we still give out the best factory rates. Get in touch with us for collaboration

Garments Manufacturer Philippines

Cazh‘s goal is to empower the garments industry in the Philippines by continuously bringing in sales and work to our very own manufacturing facilities and the factories of our partners. Our speciality is mass producing high quality polo shirts and t-shirts. Other types of clothing like jackets, caps, and scarves are being sub-contracted on our partners work places.

Process of Clothing Production

  1. Data collection from customers
  2. Collection of materials (fabric or the main materials and accessories)
  3. Quality controlling of materials
  4. Cutting
  5. Embroidery or printing or both
  6. Sewing and accessories placement
  7. Quality control
  8. Packaging

How long will the Production of Clothing Lasts?

Give 2 to 4 months for both product development and production not including holidays. The completion of the products will depend on the customers fast tendering of technical specifications, approval of sample, and the current factory workload. The main reasons for delay is when the customer has deadline to beat but doesn’t give out complete technical specifications to the manufacturer. And when they do, they want manufacturers to hurry up which, is not advisable. As we cannot skip or hurry up certain process in order to provide the best quality of workmanship