Philippine made Fabric

All of the textile featured here are knitted directly from our Manila facility. The products we produce are ideal for t-shirts and polo shirts and all are of high quality.

We only manufacture high quality fabric.
You may purchase textile here by clicking on any of the products featured below. When you click the item that you like, you will have the option of ordering it on white colour or any types of colour that would go through either solid direct or solid reactive type of fabric dyeing

Fabric Knitting Machine in Action

Play the video here to see one of our knitting machines work

Fabric Manufacturer Philippines

You were looking for a fabric manufacturer and that is why you found us. Cazh represents one of the oldest textile knitting factory in the Philippines with history dating way back 1975. Work with us to get factory rates on high quality textile. Click the button below to contact us

Fabric Production Process

  1. Thread installation on Knitting machines
  2. Knitting of textile
  3. Quality colour of the textile that was just made
  4. Color matching
  5. Fabric dyeing
  6. Curing or washing
  7. Quality control of dyed fabric
  8. Packaging

Estimate fabric consumption
2.2 kilos – 2.6 kilos for 1 dozen (12 pieces) of shirts on Asian size

Production Capacity

  1. We have 30 knitting machines that works 24/7
  2. We can supply a total of 150 tonnes or 150,000 kilos of fabric per month
  3. 150 tonnes of fabric may already be good to produce approximately 600,000 pieces of Large shirts of Asian size
  4. Colour matching usually takes 3 to 10 working days
  5. Production time usually last for 10 to 14 working days depending on the amount of workload at the factory