Trusted Textile Factory in the Philippines

Knitted fabric with high standards at affordable rate. Our products ideal for polo shirts and t-shirts. Our team caters to corporate clients of all sizes whose main priority is Good Quality.  We only make knitted fabric with standard.

Knitted Fabric Selection

Click on the product you’re interested in. Information like the estimated fabric consumption as well as the estimated price per kilo for white, solid direct (SD), and solid reactive (SR) dyed are also already featured on every product page.

How are fabrics manufactured?

The production of fabric only commences after the client’s issuance of Purchase Order / PO, 50% downpayment, and the colour matching process

  1. Thread installation
  2. Fabric knitting. The process of turning thread into fabric.
  3. Fabric dyeing or Fabric bleaching. White fabric are to be bleached. Coloured fabric would undergo colouring or dyeing
  4. Curing or washing. Disinfecting and cleaning of fabric. We also offer vintage wash and acid wash effect on clothing
  5. Packaging

Production capacity

  • We have over 30 knitting machines that works 24/7 producing high quality textile for polo shirts and t-shirts
  • Knits a total of 150 tons of fabric per month
  • 150 tons of textile is more than enough to produce over 600,000 pieces of free sized shirts (Asian size)

Textile Machine in action

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