Looking for Corporate Gifts Ideas that would Never Get Out of Style?

A good business person would not just aim for promotional products that would only hold their client’s attention for a certain season and then be forgotten after either Christmas, Summer, and or the Valentines day.

Nay, food would be out of the question. Food is good. But it spoils ever so quickly and the “Brand retention” all companies are aiming more than often gets forgotten just like the last food you have consumed that one warm Wednesday, two or three months ago.

We saw the need for promotional merchandises that engages both clients and even employees attention for a long period of time.

Products with influence like that, will save a company a lot of bucks whilst reaping wonderful hits on brand retention.

Behold, our Top Corporate Gifts Suggestions that will stand the test of time

1. Stationeries

We are talking about notebooks, journals, pens, stylus, phone stands, cord organizers, pen pots, folders, highlighters, pens, and all other else that you could see on a desk in an office. Yes, these are typically being given out. But because the people your company give gifts to actually work, they need and they will Use Stationeries.

Your company’s stationery gifts however, need not look common.
You can make your stationery gifts Casually Amazing with our very own, customizable selection.

We can place your company’s logo on any of the products featured below.

2. Puzzles, Brain friendly Swags

Yes, puzzles.
But we are suggesting puzzle promotional items that would do well in the office or work setting.

Our Rubik’s and Magic Concept selection for instance, serves well not just as a puzzle and a desktop ornament. It is also great in a way that it enables the product users minds to relieve stress whilst at the same time, being informed about your company. On top of that, our Magic Concept products compatible with the AR Technology or Augmented Reality Technology. Both your clients and employees may see either a flying 3D logo or a Video about your latest products and services, just through scanning the item on their phone using the AR Experience application

3. Speakers

Have you ever noticed how a singer gets immortalised through songs?
The world loves music without a doubt. Thus, it would be wonderful for your firm to make your clients groove to the beat with your company’s very own custom made speakers for corporate gifts.

We have some of our customisable speakers selection ready for you.
Just e-mail to us your logo, and we will take care of the mass production.

4. Mobile Charging Cable Set

In this modern age, even the 70 plus year olds are connected to the rest of the world through the Internet and the need for power has increased many times fold.

Gifting charging cables in a set that comes in an extraordinary form just like what we have, will definitely give your company the best impression every single time they need to charge.

5. Car Accessories

Make your brand seen everywhere. Including in your clients cars that they use every single time they need to travel to work, to a wonderful vacation spot, or bring their children to school. Car accessories just like car chargers and phone holders promises very good brand retention – not just to your clients but to their families as well.

6. Power banks

With the need of being connected 24/7, the power banks including the cable charger that it has to come with, are considered to be the modern times version of Survival Kit.

Power banks a need. Thus, imagine your brand name or company name constantly being seen not just by your clients but also by the people around them through the custom made power bank that your company gave. Imagine your clients friends being thankful each time they ask a favor to charge their phones up, still, with your corporate gift.

7. USB Flash drives

USB Flash drives are everyone’s personal hard drive only pocket size. This product is needed not just in schools but also offices. It’s used to save memories, photos, important documents that must not be forgotten.

Gift a client a USB Flash drive and you will be a part of their everyday lives.
Just make sure your promotional item will stand out with an elegant logo or design. Featured below are our flash drive selection, all customizable.

8. Drinking wares

Everybody drinks.

Everybody drinks everywhere.

Your brand should be everywhere too.

We have customizable drinking wares for corporate gifts for whenever your clients need to drink tea, hot or cold water, have coffee at their offices, and or when they need to do sport. Take your pick on any of our products and we will customize the goods for you.

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