How to Install Fazup Patch on Your Phone, Even When You Can't See Your Phone Model on the Positioning Guide List.

Shown here is a photo of boxes of brand new Fazup Anti-Radiation Patches. Some packages only contain one sticker inside. There are boxes with two pieces of stickers and four pieces of stickers. Our example here shows boxes that have two pieces of Anti-Radiation patches available in one package.

When you bought and received a Fazup package, make sure that it is 100% sealed when you received it. Otherwise, we recommend returning the product to ensure the quality of your purchase.

What is inside the Fazup Anti-Radiation Sticker Patch Box?
These are what is inside of the Fazup box in no particular order:

  1. There are three metal pieces to guide us where precisely the patch must stick on our mobile devices.
  2. One blue anti-adhesive tool stick, to be used for when you need to move the sticker so you won't touch it with your fingers.
  3. Foam plastic positioning tool ensures that the patch will be in the ideal area on your device. You will see the horizontal and vertical lines on the foam. It is where you will need to insert the metal pieces mentioned earlier. The round plastic part of the positioning tool is where you may place the sticker should you already decide to install it. This piece is also useful when you need to press the anti-radiation sticker at the back of your phone.
  4. User guide
  5. Positioning guide refers to the matrix that states where the three metal pieces that are a part of the set must be according to your device's model.

Instructions: How to Install Fazup Anti-Radiation Sticker Patch


  1. Gather all of the tools
  2. Consult the positioning guide list included in your Fazup kit.
  3. In case you can't see the model of your mobile phone or tablet on the list at the Positioning Guide, do not worry; calm down, it is normal. It happens because technology change fast the mere paper can't keep up. The solution to this challenge is to go to the website to find and get the right combination for your mobile phone.
  4. Take the three metal pieces and place them on the positions as per the Positioning Guide matrix or the list on the website. For example, for the model Samsung Note 10 plus the correct position combination is I2 - A9 - E1.
  5. The next part is the most exciting. Peel off the anti-radiation sticker patch protection and place it on the round plastic part of the Positioning Tool.
  6. Make sure your Fazup anti-radiation sticker patch's position by using the Blue Anti-adhesive Stick.
  7. Clean your phone before the patch application.
  8. Slide your phone into the positioning kit where your Fazup Anti-Radiation Sticker Patch is waiting
  9. Press the soft round part to apply the patch at the back of your device
  10. Finalize the application process by running your fingers on the patch at your device.


Quick Tips!
If the Fazup Sticker Patch oversteps like on the iPhone 7 plus at the video and image we featured here, just let it be. You may cut the plastic part if you want. But do not cut the circuit area as you may end up damaging your best purchase.

To guarantee the lifespan of Fazup, we highly recommend using a protective case on your device.

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